Set Fire to the Rain

Posted: January 14, 2012 in No Photography
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I have always known that I wasn’t disciplined enough to carry out a 365 day project…I’ve said it countless times. So when I decided to start the 52 week project, I thought that perhaps I could handle it. I must admit that I am having a difficult time and not because of the lack of ideas but mostly because trouble with executing said ideas. What’s amusing is that this is only week 2 😀

Having said that I do love that I will have a separate place to put my project and I am actually excited to look at each photo side by side, week by week. For now I will continue to drag myself to do them because I know that the reward at the end will be well worth it. Such projects allowed for growth and self-awareness for other artists who have done them…I  hope it will be same for me. Without further delay, week 2 of 52 clicks is titled, Set Fire to the Rain. It’s the title to a song by Adele who I love.

And just for fun I will throw in an alternative which I hated!

Did not make the cut


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