What have I done?

Posted: January 3, 2012 in Photography

Sounds scary…well maybe not so much! 😀 This blog will just be about what I did during the holiday with photography.

My daughter Kory doesn’t really like to pose for me since the time I dropped her from a stool…long story! I should rephrase that, she will not pose for a creative edit.  (especially one that includes levitation) But she wanted some pics with the Christmas tree before I put it away and so here they are 🙂 I should take some of this back because she did pose for me. I think she was in a giving mood when I asked her to do it for me. There is a reason why I veiled her face…she doesn’t like to be associated with my craziness :/ Oh well!!!

Ghost of Christmas Past

And these are the ones she requested…

I have been working on a set of photos using urban girls dressed in vintage dresses at one of the local parks in the Bronx. And so over the Holiday break I photographed my Goddaughter Bryanna who I had not seen in an extremely long time. She has grown into such a beautiful young lady….

Her Journey

When she's Alone...

I Solemnly Swear

Since I started in photography January 09, I’ve been searching for someone near me that felt the same way about photography that I did. And I have found people who shared my passion but as my preference in what I created changed, I longed to find someone who loved self-portraits and more conceptual and out of the box shoots. I finally have found Laura who lives in Nyc and shares my love of Fine Art Portraiture. We went into Pelham Bay Park on a day when it had rained during the night…so can you say mud :/            Mud is a difficult thing for a city girl like myself. For the first time, I walked barefoot in mud and all other kind of nasties. My legs were scratched up by these nasty thorns that were everywhere. But I survived and was able to get a couple of pics. Below is my favorite from that day and it’s of Laura!

High Tea, anyone?

Setting up a shot

When I hold on...

The menacing tree 😀

So this last self portrait was a bit tricky…only because I had to walk with my flip-flops in the mud. If you notice my feet are not dirty because I remembered to bring wipes 😀     There are a few shots that I missed and as a result the photo is not perfect in my eyes but I stepped out of my comfort zone and it’s important to show an end result. I wanted to show this amazing tree that appeared to be coming out and grabbing anything that would get close.

I had fun this staycation capturing such great images…I can’t wait to see what 2012 will bring.

  1. I am really a fan of your work, you are very talented! I can relate to finding people that share your common interest! When I started my blog it was more of an outlet for me! But through my blog I have developed some great relationships and have connected with so many people that share my interest!!! Thank you for sharing! Your daughter is beautiful by the way!

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