A new adventure is about to begin…

Posted: December 22, 2011 in No Photography

This has been a long time coming…I’ve often wondered what happened to the love I had for writing. I think It got lost along the way somehow, obscured by life and it’s ridiculousness. It feels weird that I no longer get to hold the pen in my hand and actually control and measure my thoughts. I am finding that the hands tend to move faster than my brain causing stumbling thoughts. Once I accomplish control…I believe that it will help me focus and control these wayward thoughts I find myself having constantly. For me writing and reading were very soothing activities when I was younger. It gave me an escape, a way out into a different place and it helped me cope with whatever I was dealing with at the time. I want to use this blog to share experiences, vents and my photographic journey. I hope that you can all walk alongside me…

  1. Maria says:

    Count me in!!!!!

  2. Jen says:

    I have lost my inspiration to write…. but I have been centering my thoughts and putting them into words….. Sometimes words easily flow, and sometimes I can’t write a thing…. An extreme emotion allows me to express, but why wait till that comes.. why can’t words flow as they used to?

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